Apr. 20, 2022

Funds dedicated to improving water quality
HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) announced an $8.9 million loan has been awarded to The Municipal Authority of the Borough of Greenville to improve water quality, according to Rep. Parke Wentling (R-Crawford/Erie/Lawrence/Mercer).

“Clean drinking water is a necessity for everyone,” said Wentling. “This funding will help municipalities continue to provide dependable water service at an affordable rate.”

The project will replace 25,600 feet of leaded-joint, cast-iron pipe with polyvinyl chloride mains; approximately 275 service connections, including some that are known or suspected to contain lead; and associated fire hydrants, valves and other appurtenances. In addition, the Hadley Road booster station will be entirely reconstructed and relocated.

“I would like to thank the municipal authority for submitting a proposal on this important issue,” said Wentling. “I am pleased that PENNVEST approved this project within the district I am honored to serve.”

“The support of legislative leaders like Rep. Parke Wentling is so important when seeking funding from programs like PENNVEST,” said Jessica Kent, manager of the Greenville Municipal Water Authority. “This support demonstrates a unified commitment to critical infrastructure upgrades that address areas of potential water quality concerns, prevent service disruption and improve overall system resiliency for the benefit of all users.

“Greenville Municipal Water Authority is grateful for the support of local, state and federal elected officials, the local community, and its dedicated employees and board of directors, who have worked tirelessly to improve public health by making improvements to the critical components that carry clean and safe water to all of the authority’s customers,” said Kent.

Founded in 1988, PENNVEST provides low-interest loans for design, engineering and construction of publicly and privately owned drinking water distribution and treatment facilities, as well as storm water and wastewater projects.

Representative Parke Wentling
17th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Nate Temple